Red Cherry Shrimp tankmates

In their natural environment shrimps are a common food source for many fish and other aquatic creatures. In an aquarium they can also be easily targeted by predatory inhabitants. That is why it is important, to choose the right tankmates for Red Cherry Shrimp community tank. The general rule is, if a fish can fit a RCS in its mouth the shrimp can or will be a quick and tasty meal. Any fish can also harass or nip at a shrimp until one dies from stress, again becoming a tasty snack.

“There are not many options for Red Cherry Shrimp friendly fish tankmates, but there are some!”

Almost all algae eating fish are compatible with Red Cherry Shrimp. Small non-aggressive fish, such as ottocinclus catfish/otto cat, corydoras/cory catfish, danio fish and snails are the best and a recommended choice. Other fish are also an option for adult Red Cherry Shrimp, such as plecostomus/pleco, cardinal tetra, guppy, Endler’s livebearer/Endler’s guppy, harlequin rasbora, dwarf corydoras/dwarf catfish, dwarf gourami, celestial pearl danio, flame tetra/von rio tetra, boraras, minnow, dwarf pencilfish, furcatus/forktail blue-eye fish and some species of killifish, but can be potentially harmful, especially to baby shrimp as they are likely to be eaten by any fish other than the otoclnclus and some other herbivorous fish. As long as you provide lots of hiding places, live plants and rock caves, a shrimp colony can survive in a tank with questionable fish. As for absolutely non-compatible fish, RCS should be kept away from any large or predatory fish. Cichlid, discus, angelfish, guarami, oscar, arowana fish and other species that are not mentioned as friendly are a bad choice for tank mates.
If you intend to be a breeder, for best results, breeding should take place in isolation. So..

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